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Now we have reached April 2019 and the maritime sector is still evolving with new and innovative technologies. In fact, the digital ideas for the industry are growing in leaps and bounds with many partnerships and collaboration initiatives.

We have great technological ideas across robotics, ship design (automation and fuel efficiency, sleek ship designs), Internet of Things (IOT) and of course continuous improvements of digital supply chains. You name it someone somewhere is working on an idea, whether that be something to clean up or improve the environment or something technical to improve the efficiency of the industry i.e. speed up shipping time, improving safety and so forth.

We attended a number of webinars in 2018 and the amount of differing innovations was still increasing by the day. What inspired CassLea Maritime to investigate further was ideas for hybrid fuel options for ships, including larger bulk carriers. That was something to certainly continue on investigating to help green up our environment. It was especially interesting to the author.

What does the rest of 2019 have in store for the ideas emanating out of the maritime sector? Only time will tell. We will see more innovations, apps, IOT, shipping designs, robots, Artificial Intelligence and a range interesting digital innovation emerge across the sector.

Importantly digital security is big, with the formation of agreements between shipping companies and technology firms to help them better grapple with security attacks and other issues. Its hard enough for maritime businesses to follow their traditional shipping operations and then they have to evolve and consider the technology impacts and changes as well.

Throughout the ages, the evolution of ships and how we transport goods has continued to change and today those changes including digital technologies. 2019 is looking to bring another year of digital innovations many to look out for in the future. We will include links to some of the most interesting innovations and technology coming out of the sector soon.

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About the Author: Cassandra Madden

I am a maritime professional, innovator, history researcher and writer. I started the business CassLea Maritime in 2016 to offer consulting services and to innovate within the industry.

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