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CassLea Maritime Ideas and Business Ideas

We are holding talks on how businesses can review their operations and implement changes to improve their efficiencies. These talks are running on YouTube live between Oct 2020 and December 2020 with all the videos on replay.

These talks are designed to get you thinking about areas in your business ready for change, and ideas you might not have considered already. Or as a business you might have considered these ideas, but didn’t think of everything. Or you may have implemented the change and found it wasn’t useful for your business. These videos are to start you thinking about different ideas and innovations you can implement. You can register for the talks via Eventbrite.

These videos are accessible below.

CassLea Maritime Talks

CassLea Maritime Talks Replay

CassLea Business Ideas Series

Talk One: General Business Ideas
Video Two: Business Process and Technology Ideas

We hope these videos are helpful. We also offer consulting services where we can come in and review your business and suggest ideas that are specific to you and your needs. As an example, we suggest systems you need, cost savings you can make, and changes to your structure, your supply chain and more.

Maritime Innovations, Suggestions, Ideas, Solutions

Each year I write a basic resources paper for this website that offers some suggestions on how businesses, particularly maritime businesses, can improve their service offerings and increase their revenue. The main points covered include getting individuals to…

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Examining the delays impacting shipping firms and ports

Author: Cassandra Madden There are many issues that impact the maritime sector, none more than now with the Covid-19.  When I was studying a maritime master’s degree at university one of my research topics, of which I wrote…

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Our Maritime Ideas and Focus for 2020

This year the focus for CassLea Maritime will be more on research, innovations, ideas and the development of those ideas. This maritime consulting business, has been a solid work in progress for around 3 years now. This year…

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Maritime Innovation Ideas

Now we have reached April 2019 and the maritime sector is still evolving with new and innovative technologies. In fact, the digital ideas for the industry are growing in leaps and bounds with many partnerships and collaboration initiatives.…

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Maritime and port innovation space

As the maritime and port sectors embrace new technologies and new ideas to meet the ever-increasing challenges of the industry, businesses must decide what new solutions they need to help improve their efficiencies. Some of the key areas…

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More about Maritime Innovation: Past and Future

When we think of the future of shipping and related industries including ports, most people think of technology innovation, smarter fuels and power sources, improved infrastructure and enhanced safety to name a few things. The industry is continuously…

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Digital and tech solutions in the maritime sector

The maritime sector has a vast extensive history. Today, the maritime sector is leading the way in digitisation, automating, simplifying and innovating to make shipping more efficient in many ways that are fully sustainable. These ways include: the…

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Welcome to CassLea Maritime

The maritime industry is one of the oldest. Technological advancements and changes across international trade, and trading routes has opened up a myriad of opportunities for the industry. The maritime industry is embracing digital and investing in new…

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