: December 2017

Digital and tech solutions in the maritime sector

The maritime sector has a vast extensive history. Today, the maritime sector is leading the way in digitisation, automating, simplifying and innovating to make shipping more efficient in many ways that are fully sustainable. These ways include: the use of better databases and information sharing including blockchain technology and the better use of security measures to avoid cyber attacks. There are many innovative companies developing technological and digital solutions to help the industry.

Some of the digital solutions include:

Apps and software: web based solutions allowing for realtime exchange of information from ship to shore and improved information efficiency. This way people are able to easily access the information they need to do their job effectively. Also, companies are increasing the user experience of tech solutions so individuals are able to enter data quicker with less information needed. The volume of data is increasing at an astounding rate. The management and exchange of this data needs to keep up with the volume. Additionally, the workforce is increasingly global and mobile, and as a result web based solutions that are available are constantly being developed. Mobile Applications are also needed and new technologies and simplified products are also being developed to meet the needs of the industry so they can exchange data directly from their wearable technology, mobile phones and tablet devices.

Blockchain technology: blockchain has been the key discussion point over the last few years in the maritime sector and beyond. Blockchain is a safer technological solution and is currently being investigated by major shipping companies and ports to improve their digitisation initiatives and technological products.

Drones: Along with blockchain, drones are constantly being developed for a number of initiatives from saving lives by dropping safety nets and safety products, transporting products across the supply chain, providing video footage and Ariel photography, and even transporting people as a taxi service. Some drone technologies are still being trialled and some well established.

AI and robotics: Artificial intelligence and robotics are also important innovations. These include full robots that you can have a conversation with and who can answer your questions through to robotics that help injured people. In shipping, robotics solutions can help with engineering and shipping issues and there is still a long way to go with innovations and developments.

Digitisation in the maritime industry:

These digital and tech solutions are constantly being developed by innovative individuals and companies to help the industry.

Looking specifically at information sharing and data exchange in the shipping industry, companies and people exchange documentation for the trading of goods or services. Traditionally these documents were paper based, such as the writing and printing out the bill of lading and notes of consignment to exchange. These documents were of legal standing to protect individuals and organisations with the safe transportation of their goods. Technological solutions and digital alternatives to paper are in a constant flux of development and change to keep up with business needs. So maritime companies can log in and fill out a form instead of using paper and track where their goods are at any one time. Other technologies like RFID have been used for a while to aid this tracking. This makes legal matters easier at court without the extensive use of paper if required.  It also makes it easier for maritime companies to exchange real time data and for customers to see where their products are at any one time. Although many solutions have been developed there are many more being developed including the above initiatives. The rapid rate of technological advancements is difficult for any industry to keep up with, but the maritime sector is doing well.


Our maritime technological solutions will be coming here soon. They include web-based software and apps for maritime. Please watch this space.

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