Our Maritime Ideas and Focus for 2020

This year the focus for CassLea Maritime will be more on research, innovations, ideas and the development of those ideas. This maritime consulting business or rather the business in planning, has been a solid work in progress for around 3 years now. This year hopefully those ideas might be launched, and more progress made! To date the focus has been on research more than development. Researching the state of the maritime and international trade industry to understanding business needs in order to come up with the best ideas for market and then be in a position to commercialise.

When the founder or rather innovative thinker Cassandra Madden wanted to quit her day job at a port to start a maritime business back in Late 2016, she did! She had ideas galore and had even developed a number of maritime systems with her IT and information management background. The thought of creating some really innovative products was very appealing. However, as with any project and ambitious endeavors it is much harder than it appears. Many people have big dreams to go solo and start a business. But it is a lot harder than people plan for and imagine. Having ideas and even developing them is just the start of it. Having motivation to keep going with it is so hard. That is why three years after the first idea to quit her job and start a maritime business, she still has this website and the passion to keep going with it even if its successful or not. And it was registered as a sole trader business to begin with, but right now as of 2020 it is just a website full of potential. Potential that hopefully might lead to something this year!

In between researching ideas and development works, the services we currently offer include:

  • Generalised maritime consulting;
  • Generating trade ideas for business; and
  • Our online resources which contain interesting articles and videos to hopefully help business.

Even though we offer these services, it must be said the focus to date has been on research rather than these services.

Therefore, the focus for CassLea maritime is to keep going with the research and service offerings, and hopefully gain some clients AND by the second half of 2020 start developing and launching the products we have been researching for years now. The main ideas for this business revolve around digitization, apps and systems. Please check out our website for more info about what’s on offer. And stay tuned for more about our research ideas, innovations and developments in 2020.

I wish all innovative maritime businesses the very best for 2020!

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